• If this passes, will it stop the Sacklers? Yes. If the Sackler Act passes, the only way the Sacklers could get protection in bankruptcy court would be to declare bankruptcy themselves, just like anyone else.


  • What’s the deadline for Congress to pass this Act? August 9. Congress should pass the Act by August 9 so that it’s the law when Judge Drain holds a confirmation hearing in Purdue’s bankruptcy.


  • Is it true that non-debtor releases are already illegal in many states? Yes. Many courts have ruled that people who do not file for bankruptcy themselves cannot get immunity in someone else’s bankruptcy.

  • Have billionaires ever gotten immunity in someone else’s bankruptcy before? No.  The Sacklers and their lawyers are trying to stretch the law further than any court has ever gone before.


  • Is it true that Purdue picked the Judge to hear their bankruptcy?  Yes.  Public records show that Purdue changed its address to White Plains, NY, where there was only one Judge in the Bankruptcy Court.